Chapter 1

poster-prisoner-of-zenda-the-1937Back in Ruritania, Rudolf Rassendyll, younger brother of the Earl of Burlesdon and (through an ancestor’s sexual indiscretion) a distant cousin and look alike of Rudolf V, the soon-to-be-crowned King of Ruritania, a “highly interesting and important” Germanic kingdom somewhere imprecisely between the German and Austrian Empires. Ruritania is, like Germany and Austria-Hungary at that time, an absolute monarchy. Rudolf Elphberg, the crown prince, is a hard-drinking playboy, unpopular with the common people, but supported by the aristocracy, the Catholic Church, the army, and the rich classes in general. It started in Zenda, small town not far from the capital of Ruritania. Rudolf Rassendyll who happened to be in town met Michael and his henchman. He didn’t know that there was plot to get rid of Rudolf the crown prince as Rassendyll was dragged into it.


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