Kiss of the Vampire

Meet Buck-Tick. Listen to the song.
I don’t review anime. but This guy made awesome music.
especially when this synth sound (or keyboard?), someone should correct me on spelling out musical instruments.
The Promotional Video isn’t the best I’ve seen so far, but there is one angle I’m interested in.
Why they are filming this in the middle of the night, and simply rolling the camera in circular movement.
My comment :
1) Dancing Girl. It’s not even well-choreographed.
“Helena” by My Chemical Romance so far have the best gothic-ballet choreography.
2) Like the part when all member of the band seemed transluscent (or transparent).
Is it ghost imagery? or meaning something else?
3) Vocalist holding the baloon. at a glance you may not know what that means.
but Baloon-Night-Smokey eyes make sure creates creepy images. (I think)
4) but they need to work more on editing.
Since it hasn’t been very beautiful lighthing editted version.
5) Last… my epilogue to this :
draw yourself to the darkness
let me steal you my sinfull kiss
thy shall not be parted
for blood is our seal
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kuchizuke, posted with vodpod


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