Aeka, Her side of the story

My Name is Aeka.

Age : 24

Occupation : Freeter, Street musician

If I tell you my story of fate, will you believe me?

My parents don’t.

I live in  Tokyo. You don’t have to know where I live,

but I always get off at Higashi-Kurume station.

I have a dream of becoming famous. Yes, I want to be a famous musician. Everybody will hear my song. By the way, I play keyboard. I’m very good at piano. At age of 6, my mother got me into Yamaha Music school nearby, and she forced me to play 4 hours everyday. If I refused to practice, she would hit my hands. Tough woman who wanted to pursue dream of her own, but incapable of.

I hate to tell details about my past, so I will skip many parts of it. until I performed a show in ikebukuro.

It was in front of metropolitan hall. 7 p.m.

people used to gather, including college students.

one of them apparently liked my song and approached me. she gave me cookies and said, “can I use your character as my character in novel? I write a script” ofcourse I don’t mind but what a weird stranger. She was nice though.

but after that I never heard from her again. I gave her my email address. but she never contacted me. Maybe she forgot? I wish we could talk more.

-Hey there, wherever you are… how’s your script? went well? I wish it would go to being published… –

Love, Aeka


5 thoughts on “Aeka, Her side of the story

      1. Reading Lights Writers Circle, an open gathering of writers every saturday afternoon, with interesting, spontaneous writing session for 30 minutes. Really a challenge–and an opportunity to sharpening creativity as well as building networks 😀

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