Hiroshi, His side of the story

The name is Hiroshi Tanaka.

Age : 23

Occupation : College Student of Rikkyo Univ. and amateur filmmaker.

Favorite things : Gibli studio and my Nikon D80

I am in senior year, and almost graduate. Right now writing a mini thesis for graduation accomplishment. My parents forced me to take Economic Major. I am not that into it,since I’ve been in love with movie since I was Junior High. Back then, Life was fun and full of excitement, but during college I think we were obliged to make decision for future. It’s very common for many people to job-hunt. but I don’t feel like it. why I can not just be a movie director? I joined movie club hoping to find a connection. Anything related to movie. I’ve won amateur filmmaker award. but somehow my life doesnt lead me anywhere. Anyway, my new story began when I met someone infront of Metropolitan Hall. I forgot when, but it was around 7 p.m.

I saw a crowd down at open space near Metropolitan Hall.. I thought it was interesting so I approached. A beautiful keyboardist playing a wonderful tune, never heard of the song before, maybe she made it. I sat on the bench nearby, beside me there was a girl whom I think is asian, definitely not japanese. She was humming to the melody of the keyboard. Sometime afterwards she looked to me, and smiled. I couldn’t smile back. I mean why should I? but she seemed nice. I am not used to smile at strangers.

It was bad day. Bad Mood began earlier on the morning, Mom was yelling at me about something unnecessary. Her loud noise ruined my sleep. but I didnt feel like spilling it so I kept my mouth shut.

why university was a bothersome. I wish I didn’t have to study Economic.


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