Luogo d’arte : Nature produces Art

Small contemplation on sunday morning :

Rain makes me romantic.

Morning Breeze makes me in love.

Raindrop pours every meaningful conversation.

I wish there were albatros, but sparrow satisfied me.

Feeling like being absorbed by Nature? How long have you had this feeling? For me, I enjoy creating art from nature. they are always my inspiration. This morning I spoke to the tree, come to think of it, I haven’t said proper greeting since I moved to new area. May they keep talking to me. May they keep inspiring me. People will say I am an idiot for talking to plant. They have soul. and sometimes whisper softly like this :

Leonardo might live centuries ago to become a legend.

We, ourselves, are the legend.

Do you want to be a legend?

It’s enough that we know you already are.

and so I heard.

sounds silly, but they are truly artistic in a way you can’t even imagine.

they force us to open our awareness, to understand their art, to see what they paint.

Yellow flower in front of my new house has shy personality. she doesn’t want to tell the truth.

not that the truth matters. Perhaps I can quote her saying as :

what do you want to know?

why I am yellow? who am I supposed  to be?

wish I can say freely as human. but I was born shy.

and that’s it. Rain keeps coming back. she must have hard time handling the windblow.

Sunday morning, and I am grateful.

-sunday poet-


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