Gina, on the other side of the story

Pen Name : Gina

Real Name : I won’t tell you

Age : 23

I am not Japanese, but hoping to be one. I’ve been living in Japan for quite some time, I know Japan better than my own country. Let say I don’t acknowledge my nationality. Not give a damn about it. I have a theory of how we should live our life and I won’t give a crap about small things, or something unnecessary such as fashion, shallow conversation. For me, Life is about creating a legend in you. Me, I will make myself a legend. Which is why I came to Japan.

It was weekend. Saturday… Sunday… can not recall.

I was on my way back from rehearshal, stop by at a park. Well not exactly park.. just open space when I heard somebody playing such beautiful tone. She was good. She was musical. She was beautiful.

Not far was a Japanese boy. Stood there in amazement. He was pretty close in range from me. but I didnt wanna say Hi, though seemed to me, He was the only one who enjoyed the music other than me. I am gonna call the musician, Piano Girl.She played 2 songs.

Then, I walked toward her, and said You are good. Would you be my character? and gave her cookies I bought earlier today from subway shopping mall. She seemed surprised. Oh.. did I forget to mention? I am a writer, or at least close to that. From now on, I will continue this story. Making my legend.





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