Memoir of Stardust

I looked upon the sky, there was no star.

Could this be the day when time stopped in the past?

What was going on?

Right now I can’t do time travelling.

Simply can not recognize myself in the past.

Did the star send me message tonight? I don’t know.

I should text my past, to recall any error message.

Where was I ? Nobody couldn’ t recognize me.


Hey is that you?

How many years did I wait to get to meet you?

We haven’t been syncronized for a while, I am afraid you are going to leave me fragmented.

Me staring at the past, you staring at the future.

Would it be any middle line where we can meet? Even if it takes ten thousand years.

Time is just a noun consists of 4 dimensions. It is shaped by wind, air, soil, water and fire.

If only we could build time by creating shortterm supernova effect, we can meet in no time.


As I become the stardust yet indigo, it is an easy task.

My soul can fly anywhere to pick you up.

Thee… upon thee I summon billion of stardust to form you against time.



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