Abientot me soul

All halt my blood stained in age of machinery and skycrapper

All halt my soul destroyed in demolition of time and being

Redemption, and Persuasion had me caught

I was imprisoned by unwanted behavior of time

All halt every-me thing I built in the past

Thousand hours of unprayed nights. Does this mean I had doomed?

Stranded as I found myself walking in a path I didnt long for

My soul has left the rotten corpse, pity I was zombified

Am I still alive? Weeks of unended question dragged me from actual reality.

All halt the spirit I gathered in the past

God had bid me goodbye, banished me in deserted island of sin

for I had sinned the unexpected sin I didnt long for

Friends, help me. I have become weak and lonely.

All halt me Blood spitted on human flesh

All halt me soul taken from my body forcefully

I am empty.

White canvas remained unpainted

Glass vase remained undecorated

Wooden door remained unopened

Family room remained unoccupied



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