Dragon on the stage

I never knew what it was like to learn
Neither did I know how to be on the stage
I never tried to think about it
Nor did I have the ability to think

My mind was a simple one
Stage was the simplest thing of all

I never learned formally how to act
I never learned formally how to dance
All I know is my heart and body
work together gracefully…

I remember old story, then
a baby dragon don’t remember
when It was born

I think I am the baby, anyway
by the time, I become dragon
I don’t remember my past or anything

Dragon ruled the universal stage
and it did perfectly without knowing
It was perfect

I call myself a dragon
on the stage of harmony, I fly
I fly following the wind
wherever it goes

I know myself a dragon
Being incarnated to be the star
of everlasting play

I don’t know how it was like to be on stage
I only remember I stepped my feet
and fly

All I know is that I give everything
from my heart and I can show
the real me

I really want to be dragon on the stage


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