Full moon has gone…

Walking through the cloud of my unhappiness,bestowed by eternal power of nature

I am contented and fulfilled by love. So dark, it would take my lights away. Bestill my weak heart, those dare to take it shall risk their life.

Mangetsu, Lord of magician show His illusion. I am captured by His creation, but it only lasted for three days

Mangetsu has gone.

Every lunar cycle viciously transformed man into their darker side, mine too.

Greatest curse and gift every thirty-days. Ah- Why am I so gloomy? gone the moon then the stars, but sky never leave me. Lord of elves and fairies, they helped me through this endless nights.

I’m counting on my beads of prayer, will it last for another day? Mangetsu gone as my dreams gone, but I intended to win it back.

oyasumi anata…


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