Je suis thanatos

Accordion sounded right in the street of Versailles, lively as young people made love on the corner.

Je t’aime Death.

Je suis Thanatos.

On the other side of France, by the cliff, top of  it polishing my own skill of persuasion. Will you reconstruct Scene before and after jumping?  Happily I responded to the question. Oopss This is just not a poem.

5:43 p.m

Grey sky above southern of Niece. High Priest said his last words.

Bill is already 6 feet under with me. Amen. No more question from nobody.

Recently people like to have their coffin embroided with flowery motive. Is he gay?

Pity I don’t like him. He is good enough to play with, at least until next body c0me.

Did you enjoy my story of the underworld? People said I’m lurking in funny-clown face laughing about near-death experience. You said you had good ESP, then prove it. Come to me, and I will hold you breathlessly.




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