Re-structuring my soul : part 1

Dear Me,

I havent seen you for a while. Years, I presume.

I’m coming back today with a little load of burden to tell.

Do forgive for not having you in my side,  a bit lost on my way back.

recently, I was petrified by the fact that I couldn’t get away from my past.

My past… yeah I wish it weren’t like that. But it was like it so what can I do about it now?

somebody was hurt on my way back. He is the most precious thing I have in this world. I couldnt do it this far without him.

This is no longer a poem. and I will not write poem considering my lover. He is already a poetry to me. Everything about him is driven me into happiness.

Now, I just need to find you again. Can we work back together?Please answer my loneliness at once.



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