Red moon reinvited

Captivated by the night whisperer I wandered friendlessly beneath the moon. It was not until later I was captured by sound of petrification. Time portal has been opened if not by human,
Then by God. Women in love bathed beneath the moon, but it was not me. Helplessly, I wandered across the river, so silence. Nobody was there. Not even the slightest thing has come alive. On the other side, Red moon glowing as if he controls everything. What are you? Are you the one who called me on 1st night? Are you the one who summon the beast to eat human dreams? Are you the one whose fangs were hidden?

I kept wander,hoping to find any significance existence. I need to confirm this reality. I need to confirm my being. Am I lost on the other side of the moon? Nobody was here. Who invited the red moon? One moment I felt someone was laughing. God? Angel? Or Devil? Voices penetrated to mine head, it wasn’t a guidance. I have to figure by myself.

Across the river, a reflection pointed at me. A woman? A man? Shape is vague, I barely can guess. It laughed as if it controls everything. I followed it, I ran, I paused. Reflection gone. It was just me. It was just me all along. I am the beast.


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