Cross Over, Talking about out-human

Human, or so called it, share something in common. Limitless access to out-reality. Special privilege to be not human. Special privilege to be human. I am out-human. I am mechanically designed by society. Tonight I discovered the wall, of which I would jump to cross over. To the other side of me. My out-human.

I have become one. This is intolerable condition however no other choice. The other side is great, everything you can buy, everything you’ve dreamt while in-human. Crossing over in and out day by day, why can’t people take two side at once? Question I’ve been wanting to ask personally to God. He who creates the Scale with anonymity.

I cross overed.
I chose
I regret
I turn back

I want to negotiate.
Spare me enough time for talking, struggling, negotiating, breathing. Dont let me cross over without creating bridge.

now I’m still out-human

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