3 Seasons of Loneliness

Prologue :

Some people believe that God created human from a dust. A dust that made Adam and Eva. A Magical dust. God also made another dust which known as our friend ….

Part I


Sunshine just came into my eyes

I woke up .. what a beautiful day!

My heart filled by happiness

Flowers greeted me as I went out

of the door.. what a lovely morning!

I felt that my body was energized

by a strange things

Something I’d been seeking

for such a long time

Guess what? I met the father

of spring

I wish I could be with him

deep inside the forest

in a little wood house

With a carpet of green,

the animal,

the purified water,

the soft voice of wind,

but suddenly he gone

without small hug

without any whisper

He left blank note

and signature in my heart

Part II


As the season change

nonetheless the heat stroke

the forest

Small wood house left

as it is…

I hadn’t forgotten

the day I found the

father of spring

He wouldn’t come back

because summer came

I thought I could find

prince of summer

in the wood

by chance, I caught a

sign of coming visitor

Wish I could invite him

to my small wood house

and I did….

Small wood house still left

as it is …

We made up a bit

and had a chat

but prince of summer was

so quiet..

Not much I could get

from him

Once again just like

father of spring

He left me without reason

this time no message at all

Part III


Hopeless I was

so I decided to leave

my small wood house

in the fores and went

back to where I belong

Mind said I must kill the time

past present and future

At least I could say spring and

summer weren’t so bad

Here I am inside the mansion

without any visitors

I kept staring at a tree

seen through my bedroom


Green – light ..  yellow –

orange .. leave changed

its colour..

Already autumn now …

I wish I could find like father of

Spring or price of summer

or whatever i can be called

I was counting the 200th leaves

Left at the tree when

my door was knocked 3 times

I hope it was a visitor

and as I unlocked my key,

my wish came true

This time was a humble

guy from nowhere… but

looked as charismatic

as father of spring

Back then I dreamed again

about father of spring

I recalled memory when

we talked in my wood house

It’d been a long time since

I saw my wood house the

last time…

Humble guy and I went

together to a little wood house

inside the forest

Now it covered by a carpet

of yellow fallen maple leaves

so romantic …

we had a chat for 1-2 days

suddenly next morning, I woke up

but he wasn’t beside me

He left me this time

with small goodbye

nearby …

I was alone again

I left my lovely memory

in my very wood house

I wish I would never recall

any in the winter

Epilogue :

“Friends always there for us .. we don’t have to search for them .. we just have to keep them aside .. little wood house is most gorgeous in the world .. it depends on us how we builds it, keep it, and most important, have it. Little wood house won’t be burned by any thing as long as we believe that we can always enter it … “


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