I wonder what He does everyday

Two days ago, suddenly I got a very severe headache.

I said “oh My God, what’s wrong with me?”

I wasn’t in any bad circumstances but I got bad circumstance.

I’ve been thinking since then,

Did He try to talk to me about something so important?

He’s always been very funny.

I don’t even know why He put me in so-so type of living?

Why doesn’t He put me in great type?

He does have great sense of humor.

Anyway, looks like I’ve been questioning him at the wrong time

you know what it like once you are the Emperor  … Busy, isn’t it?

I am not sure whether He has his spare time for me ..

He’s too busy telling Gabriel to deliver some mails, or Mikhael to do the charity.

My … My … What a busy boss.

Still, I wonder what He does everyday


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