Little Girl’s Pilgrimage

(inspired by Blake – Walking in the air from the snowman)

This is a tale about

one little girl

who grew up in a small house

by the river bank


Little girl never went out before

She lived there and seemed happy

with her life, though she’d never

seen the outside world


One day, a strange little boy

seemed to come across her window

stopped there for a moment and

began knocking window glass


He said, with a gesture, “Will you play

with me?”

At first, little girl did not even

take a glance … she was busy

playing with her imaginary doll

little boy kept knocking, “Will you

play with me?”

little girl ignored him

until he said, “please, will you play with

me? I want to show this beautiful



What could be more beautiful than my home?

little girl thought. She left her doll

and opened the door

Little boy was not by the window …

He was running through the fence and said,

“Come on, I will show you, Please

don’t be afraid”


and a miracle happened .. Litte girl

stepped her feet into the world


Slowly, she walked step by step

and she ran


“Little boy, wait up” … Little girl

kept running

She ran and ran to chase him

She passed corn fields, streams

and forest


She saw many beautiful things

Like how the flower bloomed

How tress grew

How sun set in the west

How water flew in the river

How rabbits hopped to find

its shelter

How bees made honey


she even started to see

how she, herself grew


“Am I growing?” She was in a state of shock

“Why am I growing?” She asked herself


then she realised as soon as she looked

around, little boy was not there

anymore …


She looked back to the footsteps she had

created … There was not little boy’s

step, only her footsteps


“Little boy …  Little boy …”

She called over him, there was

no reply


“Little boy … ” She sobbed

“You said you wanted to show the

beautiful world, why you kept

running? why did not you stop?”


Little girl cried … She thought

little boy had left her


“Little boy, I don’t know my way

home .. Can you show yourself? Pleasee…

tell me how to get home …

I’m alone in this forest  …

I know nobody but you … ”


Little girl cried again …


Not long after that, she saw

a beautiful light from the distance

It was the little boy, except

He was not running but floating


“Little boy??” Little girl asked ..

“why are you floating? aren’t you

supposed to run?”


Little boy answered, “I used to run before,

and I started to float when

you were running after me . Thanks to

you, I have found my wings to fly …”


“but you said you wanted to show me

this beautiful world. Can you show

me now? ” Little girl demanded


“I don’t have to show you anything,

all this time, you have already

seen them. Did you not realise?

It’s something you have created on

your way here”


I think I ought to go

we will see again someday


Little boy disappeared …


As soon as little boy disappeared

Little girl woke up from

her sleep


“What could be more beautiful than

this shipshape world?”


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