Reborn Part IV (Sacrifice)

Dear ME,

We almost reach the end. Have you ever thought about going back to this very twin? ME, I lose all my heart. I’ve destroyed the house I built for years … Sorry I’ve lost my temper. Silence always tells the best solution to any problem, what do you think? I discovered my inner part sleeping deep inside me whom now begin to raise. Have you found yours? I managed to do something that I never thought I could : to fake my heart. What else could I do? I only did my own way. Everytime … I’m going to turn these situations precisely fair… as going to the victim place. ME, don’t worry about my action or future effect, I will be fine ….. just  …. I will not get any happiness for the rest of the year, but everybody will always receive my kindness. You should do this sometime. To love somebody is not a matter of giving and receiving …. just give all happiness to others, make them smile .. we don’t have to smile in a happy feeling … smile is easy in any feeling, though you are depressed .. I don’t have to receive any kindness considering my sin  … sooner or later, I will burn my heart that can receive kindness … Sacrifice is the most important.



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