It is so funny that this has been my motto for such a long time but I just don’t realize it.


That’s it!

No wonder I hate Cheating so much. I used to think that it’s just plain moral fiber . My dad is decent man, my mom is decent woman and I can’t imagine myself cheating. It’s not about dignity or pride.

I just hate being not original.


The other day I was watching TO BELONG @ Teater Salihara, and talked to person next to me who turned out to be journalist. Our chat continued in Salihara Cafe. He was interested in me, what I was doing, Did I write anything. Then he asked me if I have favorite poet, If I read Indonesian poetry. I said “No”. When he asked the reason why, I replied ” I don’t want to get their influence because I won’t be authentic” . He said ” That’s not true”.

Well It is.

I may read scientific journal, and recite them to my thesis. but in term of artistic works, I think the more original we’ve become, the more we can get honest to ourselves. Which is sort of connect to my life’s anthem : Honesty is something you can not buy. It’s not like I don’t appreciate other poets, I’m sure they have their own thoughts when making their arts, but I don’t want their thoughts to replace my own thoughts. Again, It’s not right or wrong, It’s just a matter of principle.

– Sunday writing-


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