Book Review : Career Success without a real job


I bought this book in February, by mistake.

Hence, no expectation whatsoever when I took it on the book store.

Most Indonesian book store don’t allow the customer to open the plastic wrap of the book.

But the title was really provocating!

A guide for people too smart to work in corporation? sounds like me (LOL)

and it turned out to be good book.

A) It made you think again about your life, are you on the right track at work, is it worthed to continue working with current corporation, and other options you have if you are meant to be not in mainstream

B) Lots of Quotes from great people from the past. It’s inspiring to see how people think of their life, and how they managed to do it.

C) Ernie J Zelinsky (the author) is too good to be truth, he is real-provocator. He sorta announced this one sentence throughout the book, “Look, I am successful now.. can you do it too?”

D) The message in the book is just properly said. This is not a book that says, “get out of corporation, I have the solution for you” . It did the most proper thing by giving INSIGHT to people, because this is not HOW-TO-ESCAPE-FROM-CORPORATION type of book.

Recommendation :

Ernie Zelinsky now become one of my favorite-provocative-pain the neck-author (Sir, That’s a compliment for how much you affected me) . Just Buy and Read it.

-one evening, returning back my mood-


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