Tanz Der Vampire Act 2 : Synopsis

Sarah finds herself in the castle. She wanders the halls restlessly and meets the Count (Totale Finsternis). The ruler of the vampires seizes the girl’s throat and longs to bite her, but he resists, waiting for the ball which will be held the following night.”

Alfred has a horrible nightmare (Carpe Noctem). He awakes and resolves to save Sarah. Before he can go to look for her, he has to accompany the professor to the castle’s vaults. There they discover the catafalques of the Count and his sons. On the descent into the crypt, the professor gets caught on the banister and cannot free himself. Alfred, who is already downstairs, is told to open the coffins and drive stakes through the vampires’ hearts. However, he proves to be completely unsuitable for this task.

Without having achieved anything, Alfred climbs the stairs again and frees the professor. Whilst searching for a better way into the crypt, they come across the castle library. Abronsius sees the collection of books and forgets about the vampire hunt.

There, Alfred hears Sarah singing. He follows the sound of her voice and finds Sarah in a splendid bathroom in the castle. She sits in the bath enthusing about the Count’s generosity and doesn’t listen to Alfred’s calls for her to flee with him. Eventually she expels Alfred from the bathroom because she wants to get dressed.

Alfred is desperate. His love for Sarah, however, does not falter. On the contrary, he swears to do everything for her and to give everything to her (Für Sarah).

He returns to Abronsius in the library to ask his advice. The professor is still busy with the books and as he has not thought of anything better, he advises his assistant to bury his nose in a book as well. Alfred reaches into the shelf at random and begins to read “Advice For Lovers” (Wenn Liebe in Dir ist).

Contained in there is encouraging advice for him. And when he thinks he hears Sarah’s voice again, he returns to the bathroom. Instead of Sarah, Herbert is waiting for him. Alfred tries in vain to get out of the way of the Count’s son’s advances.

While Herbert shows him how they will waltz at the ball, Alfred’s glance falls on a mirror. There he sees only himself, although Herbert is standing next to him. When the gay vampire eventually gets hold of his victim and falls on him, Professor Abronsius surprises him by diving on Herbert and hitting him with an umbrella.

Alfred and Abronsius climb the castle towers. Suddenly the vampire Count steps out. He no longer pretends to admire the Professor. Once again he orders Alfred to separate himself from Abronsius and follow him (He, Ho, Professor). He then vanishes into the night.

Looking down on the cemetery from the castle’s battlements, the professor and his assistant witness the graves opening. The undead of the past centuries push the gravestones aside and loosen their stiff limbs in order to march in a long procession to the midnight ball at the castle (Ewigkeit).

When the cemetery is empty, von Krolock appears. Lost in thought, he goes from grave to grave. He remembers the numerous sweethearts he has killed as a vampire and becomes conscious of the misery of his existence. Every time he seizes happiness, he just destroys it. The more he tries to satisfy his greed, the greater it becomes (Die unstillbare Gier).

Meanwhile, the midnight ball has begun in the castle’s ballroom. Alfred and Abronsius have dressed as vampires and mixed with the guests. Eventually von Krolock appears and opens the party with the announcement that this year there will be a rich meal (Tanzsaal).

Then he presents Sarah. He dances with her and bites her throat (Reprise: Gott ist tot / Reprise: Totale Finsternis). During the next minuet Abronsius establishes that Sarah has withstood the blood loss and is still alive. The attempt to carry her off fails when the vampires recognise the two men as mortals because their images are reflected in the mirror. Von Krolock orders the vampires to give them to him. Alfred and Abronsius make a cross out of two candelabras. Horrified, the vampires retreat.

Later, Alfred, Sarah and Abronsius hike through the winter landscape of Transylvania. When they have escaped to safety, they rest. While the professor busies himself with notes about the dangerous expedition for his scientific work, Alfred and Sarah sink into an embrace. But what seems like a happy ending is the beginning of the vampires’ world domination (Tanz der Vampire)…


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