“Character” is the most important part in creating a script.

I pledged myself to become playwright, but now I got stuck with “Character”.

One of my reference “The Art and Craft of Playwriting” have exercise on every sub-chapters.

Questions emerge and you just have to write down the answer. While the questions actually point to “any events you have seen or experienced in life that you found exciting or similar to it” or ” Do you have friends which characters amused in a certain way”, I can not answer any of them without thinking really really hard. Even it popped out of my mind, then I retreated it. It was like, it wasn’t that excited, or it wasn’t that marvelous.

I began to question my own method of judging my own day-to-day experience. Am I living a dull life? or Am I not finding anything attractive? Today, I began my “analyze” :

A) Friend A named Reina is broken-home kid. She saw her mom and dad fighting everyday, and eventually lead to divorce. She grew up to be very self-conscious girl, however always having trouble dealing with man when it comes to relationship.

Did I find it amusing? YES.. at first.

then, I thought it was pretty common case here.. so it’s turning from extraordinary to ordinary. I’m getting used to it.

B) Friend B, named Robert is a complicated guy. He thinks he is a genius. He gets bored easily, and always play with girls’ emotion, thinking that he can always read them. Nobody can understand what exactly he is thinking, or what is he up to. He adores conspiracy, and twisted plot.

Did I find it amusing? OFCOURSE.. but.

There is always ‘but’. I have seen a few of psychopath-wannabe, especially during psychology cases. Most of them are hard to catch, the most exciting part is when they tell stories about them. But if they conform like everybodyelse in this society, then they become less interesting.

These are just examples, while I actually can make interesting play using their characters.


When I think about it, they become less and less exciting..

The Art and Craft of Playwriting suggest that we should write characters that is more interesting or different than ourselves. What if I think everybody is dull? I used to think that I have exciting, eccentric, slightly twisted characters. but at times, I conform too much to other people.. that’s when I found myself dull. Now I think other people are dull because they tend to do same things as the society demands. When I say “everyone look to their right”, I have to observe how many people will look to the left instead of right. I bet 1 out of 10, or nothing.
I got AHA moment tonight in order to make myself and my life more interesting and in return, gaining me plenty of resource for characterization. We can do the following :

1) Disagree to something that most people agree.

2) No need to conform the group. they are boring people with one thought

3) Dress up in different eccentric theme everyday, and go to supermarket

4) Play fair one time, cheat the other time

5) Fight with neighbours or friends

6) Be really critical about almost-everything

7) Let go of your routine, have a long stranded walk at unfamiliar neighbourhood.


Do I sound like a juvenile?

To lead an authentic, the one-and-only-me-life, we can not act like everybodyelse.

It doesn’t mean we should be criminal. We just need to reduce our-togetherness, and become our truly-self.

I’m lacking it right now (sigh)


wishing I could back to my old-creative-crazy-self soon…

-Author : I need to finish my play, please-


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