Tanz Der Vampire : Music Review

When musical grew up on me back on 2001, all I ever know was American Musical, Takarazuka Revue, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. I wasn’t really into European Musical, because I didn’t know (TOO BAD). However Listening to Tanz Der Vampire CD, I was immediately captured by the 1st track : Overture, and 7th track : Gott Ist Tot (Sung by Steve Barton).  The way this musical sung in German language were incomparable. Gott Ist Tot music is recycled material from Steinman’s previous work Original Sin, the lyrics was changed and it was played with orchestra, which I found it to be better version. Other song in the CD, such as Totale Finsternis, are also recycled-material of Total Eclipse of the heart(Sung by Bonnie Tyler years before Tanz Der vampire started) , but it’s no inferior than new song. Not just the melody that is killing, the voice of each actors are lovable..  I don’t understand any german but somehow I understand what they are saying through the music. The Music itself tells the story.

Jim Steinman really can make epic rock piece blended perfectly with classical theatrical music. I heard different version of Total Eclipse and Tanz Der Vampire Version was the best. It really fit into the images of dark-obsessive side of Transylvanian vampire. Nonetheless, this was probably the peak of Jim Steinman’s work on Theatre. Not to mention the gothic-poetic style of Michael Kunze’s lyrics, I had known him since Elisabeth das musikal. Slightly different type of musical, but through the words I can easily tell “ah, this is Kunze’s”. He has no difficulty in making such deep-throbbing-sometimes-gothical lyrics. In Tanz Der Vampire, the lyrics beautifully sounded Steinman’s mind. It was like they perfectly synchronized one another.

Musical songs couldn’t be completed without the amazing voice of the actors. Late Steve Barton (May he rest in peace) was the best Graff Von Krolock ever. His deep-baritone gave rich expression in his songs (Gott Ist Tot, Einladung zum ball, Die Unstillbare Gier, Totale Finsternis, Tanzsaal.. I think every song that has him in it). He immediately became one of my favorite actor. Other actors also did fantastic job on their roles. Wahrheit sung by Gernot Kranner (as Professor Abronsius) is very entertaining. Not to mention the ensemble in Ewigkeit (it means  Eternity), Knoblauch(Garlic! Hillarious song that glorifies garlic), Carpe Noctem(Seize the night), Tanzsaal (a number during the vampire ball), and Der Tanz Der Vampire (Finale). and everybody can live happily ever after … as vampire.

Once again, let us enter the world of darkness …



Gott ist tot, nach ihm wird nicht mehr gesucht (God is dead, and he is no longer sought)

Wir sind zum ewigen Leben verflucht. ( We are all cursed in an endless life caught)

Es zieht uns näher zur Sonne, doch wir fürchten das Licht (We are drawn unto the sun, but we fear the light)

Wir glauben nur Lügen, verachten Verzicht (We believe only lies, and despise the lukewarm)

Was wir nicht hassen, das lieben wir nicht (If we can’t hate it, it can not be loved)

Gott Ist Tot Akt1



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