The past, as I walked through desert. Land was dry and empty.Trees were overgrown and calm. Every birds sang and chanted rhythmns to the nature. Water at its purest form. Earth just had another succession. Restart from Zero. Lacking Occupancy. I had seen wildflower grew to match the desert.  God didn’t pick complicated color. I saw green in secluded area. when would the construction begin? I didn’t work myself to help. I was just spectator. I saw what was coming, but as I wandered through desert, dust could barely touch me. Nobody but me, yet I was not solid. Why this space was limited to me? I could walk but couldn’t run. I could touch but no be touched. I could smell but restriction applied. Stage of construction after one destruction. Where would it lead me?

I stayed there for almost eternity. Watching green spreaded. No more seclusion. No more limitation. No more desert. Earth just reconstructing its room. Wait, Why were I still here? I retouched everything, still couldn’t be touched. Everything changed. What year now? What year now? one tree whispered of wisd0m, saying it witnessed Napoleon, Gandhi, Mohammed Ali. I wasn’t in desert anymore. Where were other tree? where were the water? white turned into black, without me notice. I found animals, changing skin, changing behaviour, changing partner, changing season, changing food, changing time of death, changing personality, changing sound, changing songs. No more bird chanting. but I found an owl, saying he had witnessed mechanic, robot, flying car. What year now? What year now?

I found myself in the empty theater stage. It was gray, solid, massive, cold, unfriendly.  Wait, Is it really a theater? where are other people? where are other tree? where are other animal? I can still touch, but can’t be touched. What year now? Have I wandered too far? Where was I again? I looked to every direction, nothing but gray. Where are the song I used to hear? Silence moment contemplated the room. I regain my conscious, I think I heard the bird sing, but then gone. Room starts ticking. Counting down to another Earth Destruction. I regain my consciousness, I was there but I wasn’t filling the space. why did I just become spectator since the past?


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