Dear Earth, I summoned you

Wind is cracking my cells, I can feel it

Too much agony overflowing and

this pain is excruciatin, I can feel it


Ground is shaking my soul, I can feel it

Too much hatred rendering

This pain is excruciating, I can feel it


Dear earth,

unleash all agony and betrayal you felt.

I summoned you to rise and be alive


Unchain all hatred and pain you felt

I summoned you to talk

to human who believe.



Never be justice

Never be fair

Never be good

Neither bad…

Never be true

Never be friend

Never be honest

Nor dishonest

Never be far

Neither close

Never be strange

Never be someone

Nor anyone …

Never be passion

Nor desire

Never be weak

Strong either

Never have place

Never be lonely

Nor lively

Never gets sick

Nor healthy

Never be earth be never moon

(artwork by Daniel Amador a.K.a cooledition)

Earth 2012








Destiny has come

Summoning evil from inside

We can not resist


People run

People hide

People scared

People cry

People who disbelieve will believe