I wonder what He does everyday

Two days ago, suddenly I got a very severe headache.

I said “oh My God, what’s wrong with me?”

I wasn’t in any bad circumstances but I got bad circumstance.

I’ve been thinking since then,

Did He try to talk to me about something so important?

He’s always been very funny.

I don’t even know why He put me in so-so type of living?

Why doesn’t He put me in great type?

He does have great sense of humor.

Anyway, looks like I’ve been questioning him at the wrong time

you know what it like once you are the Emperor  … Busy, isn’t it?

I am not sure whether He has his spare time for me ..

He’s too busy telling Gabriel to deliver some mails, or Mikhael to do the charity.

My … My … What a busy boss.

Still, I wonder what He does everyday


What’s God trying to do by pouring down the rain

A silly question was asked when I was

arranging my mood. Little girl, with eyes

full of curiosity said, ” mommy, why rain falls?”

I stood there for a minutes, without

saying a single word. I didn’t know what

to say.

The little one didn’t move her feet ..

Clearly she was waiting for my answer..

Then I asked, “What’s God trying to

do by pouring down the rain just

like now?”

I knew that my daughter had been fond

of nature

and with her innocent voice she

said, ” I don’t know mommy.. maybe

He did it, so that I can talk to you”

till now, I believe in God.

God’s Toy

It’s almost midnite

and something struck me in the head

I’ve been too serious about my life

forgetting I’m just one of God’s toy

Tonight I realise something

you can’t be too serious about your life

It sucks you know..