Impresssion of Butoh

Butoh is Hallographic

Sad but happy

confusing but relieving

deep but shallow

Every option is a priority

none of it less important than the other

It is sick in a way that it is healthy

Butoh is horrifying

Dying but surviving

Killing but caring

Gambling but precising

Avoiding but approaching



Pathetic Life

There is a hole in my heart

that love will not cure


There is a pause in my heart

that not everybody care


I know something out of nothing

when all of you knows everything


Life is pathetic, indeed

while you are counting everybit


Raindrops you miscalculated

Teardrops you pretended


There is a doubt in my heart,

a spot of light that destroyed

every deed


Life is pathetic, indeed

God’s Toy

It’s almost midnite

and something struck me in the head

I’ve been too serious about my life

forgetting I’m just one of God’s toy

Tonight I realise something

you can’t be too serious about your life

It sucks you know..