Impresssion of Butoh

Butoh is Hallographic

Sad but happy

confusing but relieving

deep but shallow

Every option is a priority

none of it less important than the other

It is sick in a way that it is healthy

Butoh is horrifying

Dying but surviving

Killing but caring

Gambling but precising

Avoiding but approaching



Where my poem was born

Sometimes people think they are happy
They are yet to know they are sad
People pretend they are happy
None of them wants to reflect their sad
Many people know what a person do
A person know what many people do
People know me as a person
But people do not know I as a person
People know how to make poem
Many people yet to know
What’s poem
Poem was born from the sadness
The same I think of
Yeah, I let many people make
My poem born
Good poem was born from
Deep feeling of loneliness
And sorrow
Sorrow is what many people made