Impresssion of Butoh

Butoh is Hallographic

Sad but happy

confusing but relieving

deep but shallow

Every option is a priority

none of it less important than the other

It is sick in a way that it is healthy

Butoh is horrifying

Dying but surviving

Killing but caring

Gambling but precising

Avoiding but approaching



Illusion of Dead Rabbit

Talking about Hell, Someone whispered to me

The ghost of my pet made a fool out

of me. Someone was talking about Hell

Why Heaven was so far beyond my reach

Someone whispered to me. The ghost of my

rabbit cried bitterly. I could not be deceived

This is illusion, or so what it seemed.

I’ve been electrocuted and paralyzed

Someone was still talking about Hell

I want to not give a crap, but my

dead rabbit came. I hate reality

May God bestowed me power to re-create

illusion of reality, then my rabbit will

come to live. Then someone whispered to

me, still talking about Hell