After Rain

After the rain, I saw you walking away from me

I saw you shrugging, holding your tears

I saw everyone were embracing you, encouraging you

I knew I wasn’t gone in vain

After the rain, I saw you playing

sometimes you stopped for a moment as if

you were missing someone.

I knew you felt some emptiness in your heart

I can feel it

After the rain, I saw you grow

stronger, tougher, brighter

you are reaching your school year

you are learning fast

you are getting better at everything

you are always smiling

you are happy

After that heavy rain, I am still here

taking form of anything just to be with you

I do want to grow with you

Dear Azka, after the rain

I see you. Always


In memoir of  my late friend, a great colleague and devoted mother


00:00 Rain

Silent night. Blessing. 00:00 rain. Unstoppable. Short. Earth is cooling down. I only want to capture this moment. Thank you God.

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That night, the invisible rain

That night while the cloud was moving softly
The pedestrian was enjoying the tender moonlight
The other place I was is the invisible rain
People thought of it as can be seen
Yes, they saw the sky pouring down the water
To the earth, but I was behind the
Wall seeing it as the invisible rain
That night as unusual night can be
The sound of water wash everything away
Even a happiness and I was behind
The curtain seeing it as the invisible rain
People might know it as a lively night
Yes they heard noisy drops of water on the ground
I wish I could have done the same, instead of
Knowing it as the invisible rain

What’s God trying to do by pouring down the rain

A silly question was asked when I was

arranging my mood. Little girl, with eyes

full of curiosity said, ” mommy, why rain falls?”

I stood there for a minutes, without

saying a single word. I didn’t know what

to say.

The little one didn’t move her feet ..

Clearly she was waiting for my answer..

Then I asked, “What’s God trying to

do by pouring down the rain just

like now?”

I knew that my daughter had been fond

of nature

and with her innocent voice she

said, ” I don’t know mommy.. maybe

He did it, so that I can talk to you”

till now, I believe in God.